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Top running bridge cranes are designed for facilities with low headroom. The system moves above the runway, allowing more space between the hook and the ground. A rail is installed on top of the runway beams for the wheels to ride on. CraneWerks offers a variety of top running single girder overhead cranes built specifically for your needs. We have the capability to design, build, install and service your equipment and qualified staff to help every step of the way.

Capacities: up to 20 tons
Bridge Span Lengths, overall: can exceed 85'
Runway Spans: determined by structure
Height — Floor-to-Trolley Clevis: determined by structure


The wheels on top running overhead bridge crane operate on either ASCE crane rail, square, or rectangular rail. They tend to have a longer wheel and bearing life expectancy than underhung cranes of the same type and capacity.

A top running overhead bridge crane offer excellent headroom advantages over other styles of cranes due to the extra lift height that is gained by having the crane girder on top of the end trucks rather than suspended from the bottom of the trucks as in underhung applications.

A top running single girder overhead bridge crane that require spans to exceed 60 to 65 ft. are likely to be a box girder constructed crane. Box girder bridge cranes have a very light weight to span ratio and in many cases can reduce the size of the runway and building structure required to support them. These cranes are often referred to as mono box bridge cranes.

CMAA Class C is standard but a overhead bridge crane is available in class A-D. To decide which class meets your application needs refer to CMAA Classifications.

Single girder motorized overhead bridge crane utilizes underhung hoists such as electric chain, wire rope, and air. All motorized bridge cranes include air or electric festoon systems unless otherwise specified.



  • Best utilized where reliability and long term maintenance savings are important
  • Generally move at higher speeds than underhung cranes with speeds approaching 200 fpm.
  • Excellent headroom
  • Available in 1 to 20 ton capacities with spans that can exceed 85 ft.
  • Powered overhead bridge crane can be shipped preassembled and receive an operation check prior to leaving the shop.*
  • Remote controls and pendants traveling along an independent track are available to keep operators a safe distance from the working load.
  • Many sizes and capacities are pre-engineered for quicker delivery dates.



  • Wire mill
  • Handling coils
  • Mold handling
  • Metal storage
  • Fabrication
  • Stamping

*If an overhead bridge crane has an end truck length of over 8 ft. it will be disassembled for shipping





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Additional Info

Additional Info

Call for Lead Time
Standard Capacities:
Up to 20 tons
Up to 85 ft. (Bridge Length)
Determined by structure
Power Option:
Top Running