The FlexArm is a unique tapping solution that offers more efficient options for manufacturers. Listed below are five ways the tapping arm can help operators complete jobs more efficiently and accurately.



1) Tapping Up to 2 In.

While the FlexArm is versatile enough to handle a variety of hole sizes, their largest hydraulic units have enough torque to tap up to 2inch in various materials.

2) Tap Horizontally and Vertically

Many parts require tapped holes on multiple sides. With the FlexArm multi-position head, your operator can go from vertical to horizontal and other angles all in seconds.

3) Tap the Whole Part in One Set-Up Without Breaking a Tap

The tapping arm helps you increase production by reducing the need for refixturing. With its simple design, the tapping arm allows you to articulate the tap over your part and tap all of your holes in one set-up. Also, with their industry-leading tap holder design, they come built with a clutch mechanism that prevents and reduces tap breakage.

4) Quick Change From One Tap to the Next

This can be time-consuming with other tapping solutions requiring the operator to realign, retest, and slow down your production times. But with the FlexArm quick-change tap holders, you can reduce the time needed and switch tap sizes in a matter of seconds.

5) Create External Threads

External threading is quick and easy with the FlexArm. Their arm, paired with an external threading adapter, allows you to keep the die perpendicular and guarantee smooth and consistent threading every time.