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Top running bridge cranes are designed for facilities with low headroom. The system moves above the runway, allowing more space between the hook and the ground. A rail is installed on top of the runway beams for the wheels to ride on. Double girder overhead bridge crane can be constructed with either structural steel beams (W flange beams) or welded steel plates, commonly known as box girders. Generally a large capacity crane these bridges cranes can have one or two hoist on them. Superior lift, widest spans, largest capacities, heaviest duty classes.

Capacities: available in almost unlimited capacities
Bridge Span Lengths, overall: can exceed 200'
Runway Spans: determined by structure
Height — Floor-to-Trolley Clevis: determined by structure



  • Available in almost unlimited capacities
  • Commonly built with either 4 or in some cases 8 wheels (double bogie type).
  • Can be designed to have two hoists on a single trolley or two separate hoists
  • Generally move at higher speeds than underhung cranes with speeds approaching 200 fpm.
  • Free traveling pendants and radio controls are available for safe and remote control of all CraneWerks bridge cranes.
  • All CraneWerks powered cranes are shipped fully assembled and tested*
  • CraneWerks cranes are pre-engineered which makes building and shipping them fast
  • Standard I beam and box girder styles are available.
  • CraneWerks bridge cranes are equipped with standard features that are optional on competitors’ cranessuch as
    • electronic soft start
    • side guide rollers on bridge end trucks
    • Variable and 2 speed controls
    • notched free traveling pendant station
    • rubber crane bumpers
    • collector mounting posts

*Cranes that have an end truck length of over 8 ft. will be disassembled for shipping



  • Coil handling
  • Paper roll handling
  • Relocating Dies
  • Steel Slitting
  • Foundries
  • Forging plants




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Additional Info

Additional Info

Call for Lead Time
Standard Capacities:
Up to 100 tons +
Up to 200 ft. + (Bridge Length)
Determined by structure
Power Option:
Top Running