Rigid Lifelines - Adjustable Height Rolling A-Frame Anchor Track™ System

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The Rigid Lifelines Adjustable-Height Rolling A-Frame Anchor Track™ System is a highly mobile fall protection system that offers great versatility. With the ability to adjust height, span, and caster frame width, you can maneuver this system into tight spaces or through short bay doors to get to the fall hazard, providing coverage to virtually every area of your plant. Its mobility saves space, time, and money by eliminating the need to install fall protection equipment around temporary work stations, and its versatility allows you to store this system compactly out of the way. This system is also available as a custom engineered solution for your facility.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Our systems are designed for maximum person weight, plus tools, to be 310 pounds when used with 900 maximum average arresting force (MAAF) energy absorbing self-retracting lanyards. Custom systems are available for heavier workers up to 420 pounds; please inquire with our technical sales team for more information.

  • Adjustable height, span, and caster frame width for greater versatility
  • Large diameter casters to ease positioning
  • Quick and simple field assembly with bolt-together components — no welding required
  • The internally tapered track self-centers trolleys and end trucks, so rolling movement is smooth, quiet, and highly ergonomic
  • Enclosed track design decreases the possibility of dirt or dust build-up interfering with trolley travel
  • Anchor Trolley™ comes standard
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards
  • The internally tapered track self-centers trolleys and end trucks, so rolling movement is smooth, quiet, and highly ergonomic


Required for RFQ

1. Worker Capacity (# of workers)?

2. Passability for workers?

3. Clear Span?

4. Trolley Hook Height?

5. Will you need lanyards, carabiners, or harnesses?


  • Custom heights, spans, and support structures
  • Single, dual, or multiple tracks for one, two, or multiple workers
  • Intermediate bumpers can be used to limit trolley travel between the factory-installed end stops for any reason
  • Cart kits transform the disassembled system into a transportable handcart
  • Detachable height-adjustment kits eliminate the need for an overhead hoist or forklift truck for height adjustments
  • Foam-filled pneumatic tires
  • Nylacron casters
  • Any color paint, epoxy coatings, or galvanized finish



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