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The Maxi Torque Rite Air Power Draw Bar is a Pneumatic Air Powered Auto Drawbar That Fits Manual Mills/Milling Machines and most 2, 3 & 4 Axis CNC Milling Machines! **NOTE: CAN USE ONLY UPS SHIPPING ACCOUNTS FOR THIS PRODUCT**

If you don't see the correct model for your machine please call 317-662-0185 or Request a Quote (please specify make/model/taper of machine) or Email specifications sheet to

  • Comes complete with air filter, regulator & lubricator, drawbar, extra long air hoses, and all mounting hardware.
  • Fits Bridgeport and all similar milling machines
  • Installs in just minutes on most machines with R-8, taper spindle
  • Changes a tool in seconds
  • Can deliver 40 to 50 foot-lbs. of torque, not 15 to 25 ft-lbs like the competition
  • Will virtually eliminate tool slippage in collets on heavy cuts
  • One year warranty

Replacement Drawbars - $85

Replacement Drawbars Metric - $95

Replacement Drawbars that are special, long heads, long bars, odd spacers - $100

Purchase common replacement drawbars CLICK HERE


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Maxi-torque-rite power drawbar

This is a great purchase, I have an Atrump K2V which is a bit less common, however they had it listed which was a nice change The shipping was fast, Thank you machine tool products. The kit itself was perfect the drawbar fit perfect easy to follow instructions & all the hardware was included you just have to supply the airline to the machine. The complete install took maybe an hr. I would buy this again !!

Bob Meisinger Apr 21st 2023

Can't say enough good things about Maxi Torque-Rite Power Draw Bar...

...but I'll share my satisfaction. I have a Precision Matthews PM950V mill. The draw bar sits 82" high and sets back 6". I have heavy arthritis in all joints, but my shoulders, elbows and hands seem to affect me the most. I am unable to fully extend my arms over my head - very limited range of motion. So, each time I was changing out a collet or tool holder, I would set up the stepping stool and still struggle a bit wrenching the draw bar while holding the brake and catching the collet. Even if I had full range of motion, the task is a bit miserable. The power draw bar is a game changer!! It reduces tool changeout time significantly - that alone is worth the price. But even if it did not, the elimination of pain it provides is worth 10X its price tag. It is a solid piece of equipment that did not take me long to install. Love it! It has made my impressive mill that much better. I love what I do, and this added to my shops quality of life. - Meisinger Gunsmith & Lathe Co.

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