Aikron A30 2 Axis Lathe DRO Kit w/ Magnetic Scales


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The Aikron A30 is the perfect fit for any customer looking for a durable, low-cost, and feature rich import Digital Readout system. Machine Tool Products has reviewed countless import DRO systems, brands, and product lines. The A30 features a 7" true color LCD screen, die-cast display casing, built in help menu, visible PCD function (bolt hole circle), RS232 interface, up to 5 axis capability (must RFQ), and more!


Aikron A30 2-Axis Lathe Digital Readout Kits Include:

  • A30 LCD Digital Readout Display (7" true color screen)
  • (1) AOMS5 Magnetic Scale Assembly for Longitudinal Z Axis (25um accuracy, 5um resolution)
  • (1) AUMS5 Magnetic Scale Assembly for Cross Slide X Axis (25um accuracy, 5um resolution)
  • Universal Lathe Reader Head Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Display Mounting Arm


Options (RFQ):

  • 1um resolution scales
  • Slimline AUMS scales (used on smaller cross slides)
  • 3D Touch Probe (must have functionality added to display)
  • RPM Function with hall sensor

Important Ordering Information

  • Scales have overall length of travel + 4" (for exact measurements see brochure)
  • AOMS scales have width of 1.14", Height of 0.47" (1.41" with reader head)
  • AUMS (slimline) scales have width of 0.63", Height of 0.35" (1.31" with reader head)
  • We can provide any custom travel kit you would like (up to 118" travel), just call or submit an RFQ!

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