Servo Products - Servo 150 Power Feed for Knee Mills (Replaced by New 350X Model)


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NOTE: As of 3/31, the Servo 140, 150, and 200 models have been discontinued and replaced by the new 350X model.

Please RFQ or shop the new 350X model HERE.

If you don't see the correct model for your machine please call 317-662-0185 or Request a Quote

All Powerfeeds in the pulldown come with everything you will need to mount the unit to your machine (bracket and brass gear included), excluding the ECF base Servo's.

Type 150 - Table and Cross Feeds

-The type 150 is a full-sine wave control that gives better control and dynamic breaking. This is best seen in the superior finishes given at slow feed rates

-Semi-automated machining on Class 1 mills to 3 hp

-Peak torque (full-wave SCR control compound DC motor): to 150 in-lb / 17 N×m torque

-Intermittent torque: 120 in-lb / 13.6 N×m

-Continuous torque: 100 in-lb / 11.3 N×m

-Variable feed rate: .50-35 ipm / 13-889 mm/min. 

-Rapid traverse: 35 ipm / 889 mm/min.

-Gear reduction ratio (motor to screw shaft): 72:1

-Smooth surface finish at speeds as low as 0.5 ipm or 13 mm/min. at full torque.

-Superior speed regulation, ramping, dynamic breaking, friction safety clutch and limiting circuit protection.

-Helical gearing and torque limiting friction safety clutch.

-Electrical: 110V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Amps.

-Approximate weight: 15 lb. / 6.8 kg.
NOTE: Servo Products Company has made every effort to provide mounting hardware kits that are as accurate and complete as possible for each machine model. However, machine builders may change their designs without letting us know. Therefore, some kits may not fit properly. Please let us know when this happens.

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