OnRobot - Complete Palletizer System - D:PLOY Software, 2FGP20 Gripper, Lift100, Pallet Stations, and Robot Mount Kit


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OnRobot Palletizer is a complete, configurable, and modular palletizing solution that supports leading robot brands. It has a small footprint and easily fits in existing floorplan. With the intuitive, step-by-step OnRobot Palletizing software, you don’t need any process or robot knowledge to quickly configure new palletizing tasks. The automatic optimization of robot motions reduces cycle time and extends equipment life. As all OnRobot solutions, the Palletizer is an all-electric solution that offers fast out-of-the-box deployment without the complexity and costs of external air supply


NOTE: Pricing listed is for (2) Pallet Stations, Lift100, 2FGP20, UR Tool Flange Kit, QC Robot Side, D:PLOY (Palletizing Software), OR:BASE and OR:MACHINE Modules. If you need (1) station, VGP20 gripper, OR:COM or any other robot connection, RFQ

**DOES NOT INCLUDE ROBOT, For compatible robots, CLICK HERE**


DOWNLOADS:      D:PLOY Palletizing Data Sheet           Palletizer Brochure          D:PLOY Brochure          Palletizer E-Book


NOTE: Machine Tool Products (dba name of MasterControls, LLC) is a FULL SERVICE robot systems integrator. Not only can we sell you the hardware, but we can design, install, train your staff on its use. Have a custom application? WE CAN HELP!


OnRobot Palletizing Software (within D:PLOY)

The OnRobot Palletizing is an intuitive software designed to ensure fast set up, regardless of your prior robotics deployment experience. It provides automatic gripper detection; automatically sets gripper settings throughout the palletizing flow, and automatically calculates the correct settings for incorporating the Lift100. Path optimization features reduce cycle time and extend equipment life, while pre-loaded stacking patterns provide ability to stack in several ways, including with all labels facing outward


2FGP20 is a powerful, versatile, electric palletizing gripper with a 20 kg payload and customizable arms that can handle open boxes, shelf-ready products and other containers that can’t be gripped with vacuum. The integrated vacuum gripper handles slip sheets without changing the gripper or requiring other handling method-no external air supply required.


VGP20 is a powerful electric vacuum gripper, provides unlimited cup and airflow customization and multichannel functionality, allowing it to be deployed on multiple items of different shapes and sizes. The built-in intelligence combined with easy-to-use software, provides the gripper with precise air flow control functionality that is beyond the capabilities of traditional pneumatic grippers. This functionality allows users to vary the type of grip used in different applications – from handling delicate items to bulky, heavy cardboard boxes with porous surfaces.


The OnRobot Lift100 is a long-stroke, high-payload robot elevator that adds a versatile seventh axis to traditional and collaborative six-axis robot arms. The Lift100 has minimal deflection, even with higher loads and at high speeds, to ensure precise positioning of boxes in palletizing applications. The lift’s durable design that has been tested and certified to work reliably under all typical manufacturing conditions while the integrated safety features allow collaborative deployment with human workers once a risk assessment has been performed. Lift100 can be used for any application where additional vertical reach is needed for the robot.

Pallet Station

The Pallet Station is an off-the-shelf pallet fixture that will save you significant engineering effort and will shorten deployment time. The durable design of the Pallet Station can withstand hits from stackers and trucks and helps with pallet positioning for more reliable palletizing jobs.


WebLytics is the first remote monitoring and diagnostics software aimed at optimizing production and minimizing downtime for collaborative robot applications. It automatically collects data from any leading robot and all OnRobot tools and provides you with real-time and historical views and alerts. The intuitive and customizable WebLytics dashboards transforms the raw data into actionable application- and device-level insights using industry known KPIs. Use it in the shop floor and for management-level decision, WebLytics is a flexible and scalable tool suited for dynamic work environments.



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