Machine Tool Products - DOP40-Pro Optical Transmission Part Probe & Receiver for Machining Centers

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The Machine Tool Products DOP40-Pro trigger probe is a more compact new design (compared to DOP40) developed for the machine tool market. It adopts optical signal transmission and is used for workpiece alignment and workpiece detection in small/medium CNC machining centers.


1. Compact structure and wide applicability. The head diameter of the probe is only 40mm, and the length is only 58mm.

2. Uses a disposable battery, which is easy to replace. You can replace the battery without removing the body and it will not affect the accuracy of ball center.

3. 360º  fully enclosed IP68 sealed design, more stable and reliable.

4. Adopts ultra-low power design, with a continuous standby time of up to 2 years and more than 10 million consecutive operations.

5. Bidirectional communication function reflects the status of the probe in real time.

6. Enters standby mode after startup and has turn on/off control.

7. Compatible with OMP40-2 (default mode)

8. Includes Receiver, Shank, and 50mm Stylus


Download Installation/User Guide



Repeatability ≤0.001" with 50mm stylus
Unidirectional Repeatability

≤0.0005 test velocity ≤3m/min

≤0.001 test velocity ≤5m/min

Sense Directions ±X, ±Y, ±Z
Stylus Overtravel XY plane: ±13º  , Z plane: 6.2mm
 Spindle Speed  2000 rpm (max)
 Test Velocity  ≤5m/min
 IP Rating  IP68
 Operating Temperature  10º - 40º C
 Storage Temperature  -20º - 70º C
 Material  Stainless Steel 316
 Transmission Type  360º infrared optical transmission
 Operating Range  Up to 5m (16.4ft)
 Battery Types  2 x 1/2AA 3.6V Lithium (LS142)
 Standby Life  700 Days
 Continuous Use  >10 million trigger times

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