Kool Mist 100N Spray Mist Coolant Unit, Single Mist with 205 Magnetic Nozzle Positioner


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Kool Mist General Purpose Models with Stainless Tank

General purpose models will handle most machine shop work such as drilling, tapping, pantographing, cutoff saws, band saws, surface grinders, etc. See Large Capacity models for heavy milling and profiling, single point threading and turning, blanchard grinding, large tool and cutter grinding, and large cutoff saws.

Air supply required.


Completely Portable. The controls for all of these systems are factory mounted to the tanktop instead of to the machine, so that the entire system can be relocated at will. Multi nozzle systems have a separate control for each coolant line. The controls are manifolded so that the only one air hose is required. Each unit comes fully assembled ready for hook-up to your shop air supply.

No Scrambled Lines. Coolant and compressed air are brought to the nozzle separately through a coaxial line, halving the number of lines to the machine. This eliminates tangling of unnecessary lines and gives the operator more work space. Coolant line exteriors are either nylon braided for strength, or may be metal braided for protections from hot chips. All lines are 4' long, but can be made longer on special order.

Easy-to-Use Control. Output from each nozzle is regulated by a single knob on the control. Mist spray may be turned on or off instantly to coordinate with the cutting cycle, and the spray mix made lean or rich as needed.

Nozzle Positioners. There are three options for aiming the spray mist exactly where you want it.

1. Flexlines made with "LOC-LINE"

2. Brass Nozzles (like the 100N)

3. Permanent Positioner



  • One gallon non-corrosive stainless steel tank.
  • 4' long, 13/32" outside diameter reinforced line with 6" long brass probe.
  • Spray adjustment at nozzle.
  • #205 magnetic positioner with straight probe.


 **For large capacity coolant systems, 3/5 gal. tanks, metal braided coolant lines, 12"/18" flexline nozzles, or any 2/3/4 outlet systems, please RFQ!


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