JET ETM-949EVS, Elite 9"x 49" Mill with 2-Axis Acu-Rite MillPWR G2 CNC #894090

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The next generation of JET Mills - JET ELITE, takes the best of the old, and adapts to move forward. Elite represents the most precise, most durable, and safest metalworking machinery. Each machine puts a stake in the ground, signaling a new standard of excellence. The Jet Elite features industry leading spindle taper run out (0.00012") to ensure strict tolerances and hand scraped ways for greater oil retention and smooth movements.

Acu-Rite MillPWR G2 Controller Features

  • USB + Ethernet compatible
  • Simplified navigation that eliminates multiple menu screens
  • 12.1" High resolution display (1024 x 768) with 3D graphics
  • 1 GHz Celeron® M processor
  • Expanded tool library and Datum offsets
  • Program preview provides a graphical representation prior to operation
  • Progam size limit increased by 90% to 9,999 steps
  • Jog Control allows table movement, quickly from one location to another - using one axis at a time or any two axes simultaneously
  • 3-D Contouring, ability to import and run G-code files from CAD/CAM programs
  • Mirror/Repeat/Rotate/Explode/Merge, easily manipulate, explode and merge part programs to save time and reduce program steps
  • Menu-prompted Conversational programming, easily create part programs, edit, reverse, change, delete and copy/move steps - follow the menu prompts and let MILLPWR G2 do the rest
  • Built-in Calculator, perform standard, trig and geometry calculations and transfer them directly into part programs
  • Custom Pockets and Islands utilize the new optimized path and ramp feed features
  • Circles including the Pocket, Frame, Ring and Helix incorporate the new ramp feed feature
  • May be used automatically or manually for ultimate shop versatility

More information can be found under "Technical Data" and "Documentation" tabs.


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Additional Info

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