Heidenhain - ND522-523, 2/3 Axis, Mill/Lathe DRO Kit

Discontinued - See ND5023

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The ND 522 offers many popular features and versatile software to accommodate milling. The clear and unambiguous display of the current position value on the large, clearly structured LCD screen makes working with the ND 522 easy and reliable.


Digital Readout Features

  • 10 Reference Points
  • 16 Tools
  • REF Reference-Mark Evaluation for Distance-Coded or Single Reference Marks
  • Distance-to-Go Display with Nominal Position Input in Absolute or Incremental Values
  • Scaling Factor
  • MM/Inch Switching
  • On-Screen Help and Operating Instructions
  • Graphic Positioning Support (Near Zero Warning)
  • Contour Monitoring
  • Tool Radius Compensation
  • Axis Error: Linear and Segmented Over up to 200 Points
  • Backlash Compensation: For Length Measurement via Ball Screw and Rotary Encoder
  • USB (type B connector), up to 115 200 Baud
  • Centerline Calculation Enables You to Establish Workpiece Zero and Midpoints

Encoder Features

  • IP 53 Rating
  • Glass Scale Position-Trac™: Easily, Quickly, and Accurately Reestablish Work Piece Zero after Power Loss


  • 2-Axis ND 522 Display or 3-Axis ND523 Display
  • SENC 150 Precision Glass Scales with (4m) 13' Braided Cables
  • X and Y Scale Brackets
  • Readout Bracketry (side mount ID 683670-01(382260130) recommended)
Note: Readout mounting brackets and scale brackets are included in the system list price, but need to be selected and added as a line item for each system ordered



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