Heidenhain LC 291 F Series Absolute Encoders (3240mm-28040mm)

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Linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN for numerically controlled machine tools can be used nearly everywhere. They are ideal for machines and other equipment whose feed axes are in a servo loop, such as milling machines, machining centers, boring machines, lathes and grinding machines. The beneficial dynamic behavior of linear encoders, their high permissible traversing speed, and their acceleration in the direction of measurement predestine them for use on highly-dynamic conventional axes as well as on direct drives.

Linear encoders with full-size scale housing are characterized by their sturdy construction, high resistance to vibration and large measuring lengths. As a connection between the scanning carriage and the mounting block, they have an “oblique web,” which permits vertical and horizontal mounting with the same degree of protection.


SpecificationsLC 291 F
Measuring Standard (Coefficient of Linear Expansion) METALLUR steel scale tape with absolute track and incremental track, grating period 40 µm αtherm ≈ 10e–6 K^–1
Accuracy grade* ±5 µm
Measuring length ML* (mm)

3240 mm to 28040 in 200 mm steps. Kit with single-section METALLUR steel scale tape and housing section lengths

Interface Fanuc Serial
Ordering designation Fanuc 
Measuring Step At ±3 µm, With ±5 µm 0.010 µm
Clock Frequency (calculation time tcal) -
Incremental Signals -
Signal Period -
Cutoff Frequency –3 dB -
Electrical Connection Separate adapter cable (1 m/3 m/6 m/9 m) connectable on mounting block
Cable Length ≤ 50m 
Voltage Supply DC 3.6 V to 14 V
Power Consumption (max.) 3.6 V: ≤ 1.1 W; 14 V: ≤ 1.3 W
Traversing Speed ≤ 180 m/min (max. acceleration in measuring direction ≤ 100 m/s²)
Required Moving Force ≤ 15 N
Vibration 55 Hz to 2000 Hz Scanning unit: 300 m/s² (EN 60 068-2-6) Housing: 200 m/s² (EN 60 068-2-6) 
Shock 11 ms ≤ 300 m/s² (EN 60 068-2-27)
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C
Protection EN 60 5293) IP 53 when installed according to instructions in the brochure, IP 64 with sealing air from DA 400
Mass Encoder: 1.3 kg + 3.6 kg/m measuring length

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Additional Info

Additional Info

<p><a href="http://machinetoolproducts.com/content/Heidenhain/Linear_Encoders_For_Numerically_Controlled_Machine_Tools.pdf" target="_blank">Linear Encoders Brochure</a></p> <p><a href="http://machinetoolproducts.com/content/Heidenhain/Interfaces.pdf" target="_blank">Linear Encoder Interfaces Brochure</a></p>
Fanuc Serial