FANUC CRX-25iA Collaborative Robot, CRX Series, 25kg Payload, 1889mm Reach

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Includes R-30iB mini controller.

KAREL/User Socket Messaging required for robot to work with OnRobot D:PLOY


CRX-25iA Six Axis Mechanical Unit (25 kg Maximum Payload, Floor or Ceiling or Angle mount, 1889mm Reach) with:

  • IP67 water/dust proof rating of the upper/lower arm
  • All axis brakes
  • Rear cable exit with 4m no-flex disconnectable type robot connection cable
  • Mechanical unit cable with:

    • Tool I/O connector at J6 with 2/2 Inputs/Outputs (PNP or NPN type), Configurable Power (24VDC/12VDC/OFF), Ground, RS485+/- or 2 Analog Inputs (Configurable)
    • EE connector at J6 with 3/4 Inputs/Outputs (PNP type), 24VDC, 0VDC
    • 1 iRVision COAX port
    • 1 Air port
    • 1 ASAP port
  • Safety rated force / torque detection sensors for collaborative operation

CE/NRTL Approved FANUC SYSTEM R-30iB Mini Plus Controller with:

  • Backplane 2 slot
  • Main Board B with:

    • CPU Standard (DRAM 1GB, I/O Link I slave)
    • 2 Ethernet Ports (10BaseT/100BaseTX)
    • 1 iRVision GigE Camera Port (10BaseT/1000BaseTx)
    • 1 Coax Vision Camera Port
    • 1 Miniwide Slot
    • 1 Mini Slot
    • 1 USB Port 2.0
    • 1 RS-232 Port or HDI port (provides up to 2 HDI inputs)
    • 1 Port for Conveyor Tracking (supports up to 2 x absolute encoders for conveyor tracking)
    • 1 User I/O Port (provides up to 20 digital inputs & 16 digital outputs, Fence Input, External Emergency Stop Input and External Emergency Stop output)
    • 1 I/O Link master/slave Port (provides connection to FANUC I/O link devices- Model-A, FANUC CNC)
    • 1 I/O Link i master/slave Port (provides connection to DCS Safe I/O board)
    • 1 Switch Box Port (provides connection to optional remote switch box with cycle start, operator panel E-stop, Auto/T1 mode switch etc.)
    • 1 Safety Connector Port (provides connection to 2 x configurable general purpose safety inputs)
  • 6-Axis Servo Amplifier
  • CE/UL/CSA Breaker
  • 1-phase 110-120VAC or 200-240VAC input power
  • 2m 110-120VAC power supply cable with NEMA 5-15/20 plug
  • Tablet TP with TP base (Touch Screen, E-Stop Button, Safety 3-position Enabling Switch, USB port)
  • 5m Teach Pendant cable
  • Switch Box jumper connector plug
  • I/O Terminal Conversion Module inside Controller for External E-Stop, Fence, and general purpose peripheral I/O wiring (User prepares I/O and safety cable)
  • 1 Spare fuse kit

FANUC LR HandlingTool Software with:

  • Constant Path (R663)
  • Corner Region (R654)
  • DCS Basic Position Check (J556) - (Note: Full DCS Position/Speed Check J567 is available as option)
  • DCS Safe I/O Connect (J568)
  • Payload Identification for CRX
  • R-30iB Mini Plus Controller (S526)
  • Tablet TP (S527)

FANUC Product Documentation

  • eDocumentation is available online for all registered customers at, under the Support/Downloads tab.
  • A Quick Start Guide is included with the robot for installation and setup.

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