When setting up a milling machine, speed and accuracy can directly lead to profitability. This is a key reason why integrated probes have become almost mandatory in today’s top shops. The next logical step is to leverage this technology to ensure quality throughout your production run. In-process probing cycles running in auto-mode is a great way to adjust for setup inaccuracies as well as quality controlling parts during production. 

For more detailed information please see our Siemens Measuring Cycles Software Option Brochure.

In-Process Measurement (AUTOMATIC)





Rectangular Corner

Rectangular Pocket



Inside Circular Segment



Align Plane


Align Edge



Any Corner

Rectangular Spigot


Circular Spigot

Outside Circular Spigot


3 Balls


Probe Calibration Cycles



Length on Edge

Radius in Ring


Radius on Edge

Probe on Sphere