Step 1 – Decide On The DRO That Meets Your Needs

Newall offers 3 DRO Models – DP500/DP700/DP1200. The DP500 is their low-cost offering, tailored to knee mills and tool room lathes. It offers less features than their other models, but offers everything you will need for basic milling and turning applications. The DP700 is Newall’s most popular DRO system to date. It offers all the features you would expect in a high-end DRO system, at a much lower price point. The DP1200 was built specifically for long-travel machines. It offers a bigger display, along with more advanced features to boost productivity on your boring mill, VTL, or long-travel lathe. Every Newall DRO system uses their state-of-the-art Spherosyn and Microsyn linear encoder technology.

Learn more about the Newall Advantage and compare their DRO Systems head to head.

Step 2 - Measure Your Machine's Axes Travel

If this is your first time ordering a Newall DRO, let us show you how to measure your axes travel. Don’t forget that the overall length of each scale is actually longer than the travel length. The overall scale length is calculated as follows:

  • Spherosyn Scales = Travel + 10.2”
  • Microsyn Scales = Travel + 7.4”

Step 3 - Find A Package That Fits

You can shop all Newall DRO Packages here. The largest mill package offered is 16”x40” and the largest lathe package is 22”x240”. If your machine requires longer scales, don’t worry we offer a quick and easy way for you to configure your own package.

Step 4 (Optional) – Build Your Own Package

This option is only available for DP700 and DP1200 DRO Systems. The DP500 DRO uses Spherosyn/Microsyn LT Encoders, so it can only be purchased as a package. When building your own package, you will need to add the following items to your shopping cart:

  1. DRO Display (available in standard or panel mount)
  2. Display Mounting Arm
  3. Linear Encoder Assemblies (comes with scale and reader head)
  4. Mounting Hardware for Reader Head
  5. Extension Cables (if needed)

The DP1200 DRO System can also be purchased with a Newall’s tape scale or draw wire encoder, as well as several other more advanced options

If you have questions or need help placing an order, please contact us!