Sizing a Newall Digital Readout Kit for your mill or lathe is quick and easy. Below you will find step by step instructions on how to measure the travel on a milling machine. However, the process is almost exactly the same for a lathe. See Lathe Page Here. Remember when ordering Newall Digital Readouts or Newall Linear Encoders, the scale is sold based on travel length, but the overall length of the scale is actually longer. For Spherosyn Encoders (shown below) the overall length is equal to the travel + 10". The overall length of a Microsyn Encoder is travel + 7". Make sure to take this into consideration when sizing a Newall DRO Kit for your machine.

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Step 1: Move table to end of travel                  


The direction you choose doesn't matter so choose what works best for you.

Step 2: Place a mark across the table and saddle



(Zoomed In)                                                                            



Step 3: Move the table to the opposite travel limit



Step 4: Measure between the mark on the table and the mark on the saddle


Our table travel was 32". The DP500 mill package only comes in 30" and 36" travel. We chose the 36" package so we would not lose machine travel. 

Step 5: Move the saddle to its travel limit                    


Once again, the direction you choose is up to you.

Step 6: Place a mark next to the edge of the saddle                                                                                                          


We placed our mark on the way so it was easy to see.

Step 7: Move saddle to opposite travel limit. Measure between mark and edge of saddle


Our Y-Axis travel was approximately 16" so we went with the 16" x 36" x 6" Knee Mill Package. This package also came with a Microsyn Scale for the Quill. To see more photos of this Newall DP500 package view our Installation Video.