beROBOX - All-in-One Palletizing Work Cell, 35kg - PALTZ.i35, 2 Pallet Zones w/Conveyor, 84" Stack Height (Vertical Lift), Collapsible Fencing, Includes Fanuc M-20iD/35

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The beROBOX PALTZ.i35 requires no programming, no calibration and no technical skills necessary. This integrated solution comes with the beRobox proprietary software and interface known as STACKiT. The intuitive software allows any operator to define a box size (dimensions and weight) and a pallet pattern and translate this automatically into a robot program. That is why the integration is so fast and simple. New pallet patterns can be created in just seconds using the integrated touch screen and software. 



Palletizing made simple.

5 easy steps.

1. Move the work cell in place and hook it to power outlet (480V)

2. Power up the unit.

3. Create your product (box dimensions, weight, etc.)

4. Let the automated pallet pattern generator create the stacking strategy

5. Start palletizing!



  • Maximum capacity 75 lbs
  • Two palletizing zones
  • Pallet size customizable
  • Palletizing height 84 in. including pallet
  • Pallet locators with mechanical sensors
  • Up to 12 cycles/min (2 boxes per pick = 24 cycles/min, etc.)
  • Collapsible hard fencing (see second image)
  • Infeed skewed conveyor
  • Product presence sensor
  • Custom fabricated adjustable vacuum gripper with side grippers
  • STACKiT palletizing software
  • 15’’ touch screen HMI
  • Painted steel structure
  • Pneumatic kit (F+R 8mm)
  • Total mass: 4,500 lbs approx.
  • Power required: 480 VAC 3PH 30A
  • Compressed air 80psi 10 CFM

The proposed solution has:

  • A skewed conveyor that will conform the position of any incoming box to a datum position that is consistent for the robot to pick.
  • Sensor for cases detection
  • A lift gate that controls the inflow of cases to the pick position.

The skewed conveyor is mounted directly to the robot base and palletizer frame. The intention would be to locate the PALTZ system at the end of the existing powered outfeed conveyor, feeding boxes directly into the skewed conveyor.

As stated above, this system is designed to be able to palletize two separate pallets. This allows an operator to come in and remove a completed pallet while the robot continues to palletize on the secondary pallet station with no interruption.

There are indicator lights mounted on the front of the robot base that are used to communicate status of each pallet station to the operators. Pallet sensors are also integrated to each pallet station that ensure there is a pallet present and square to the base of the robot.

On the front of the base (in front of where the touchscreen HMI is located), there is a button set that includes a stop, error reset, start, permission to enter and an emergency stop that allow operators to easy interact with the system with no need to ever touch the robot teach pendant (which normally is stored within the PALTZ base with the robot controller, PLC and PC that runs the STACKIT software).



  • Cardboard slip sheet rack and program
  • Dual palletizing





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