Tap-Paste Professional Machining Lubricant (Dramatically Increases Tool Life By 50%)


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Tap-Paste Professional is a revolutionary cutting and tapping lubricant designed by machinists, for machinists. Tap-Paste dramatically increases tool life by 50% OR MORE! Tap-Paste is the machine lubricant for any and all metal projects. Tap-Paste was designed for tapping but is just as efficient for drilling holes, broaching, reaming, knurling, and cutting. We spent years to develop a formula that will not run off like most other machine lubricants. But we also didn't want to create a product that would stay clung to the tool head and be a mess to remove. With Tap-Paste you get a happy medium that will cling to the piece being worked on, but can easily be wiped off or blown off with an air gun. This ability to hold onto the tool has led to a drastic reduction in overall tool wear and tear. Tap-Paste will carve through stainless steel like butter, but is equally fantastic on other metals like aluminum, brass, copper, hastelloy, monel, and titanium. With its thicker consistency Tap-Paste can get more done with less product used than many of its competitors.

Proudly made exclusively in the USA by SWR Enterprises, LLC.


Tap-Paste Has Shown Incredible Results When Tapping

  • Better Quality Of Thread 
  • Longer Life Of Taps And Other Tool Heads
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Works Very Well With Exotic Metals
  • Non-Staining 
  • Easy To Apply And Stays On The Tap Better 
  • Doesn't Require As Much As Other Thinner Machine Lubricants
  • Made In America 



“We get 10% - 12% reduction in spindle head amps with cleaner threads and less tearing of thread form. Simply put, our taps last MUCH longer. Great product!”

“The market is covered with a lot of good tapping fluids, but not many cover all applications. Being a machinist for 35 years, I’ve used others that were pretty good, but Tap-Paste is noticeably better, especially on stainless steel. It’s really good for sizing and tap life…I’m sold!”

“I’ve used just about everything out there on the market. Tap-Paste is by far the BEST I have found. The product goes a long way! Nothing better out there.”

“We were averaging about 16 parts per tap before switching to Tap-Paste. We now can run 50 plus parts before changing taps, with no breakage. Tap-Paste saves me time AND money.”


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