Siemens 828D 2-Axis Knee Mill CNC Retrofit Kit

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This Pre-Built Siemens 828D CNC Kit is for a 2-axes knee mill machine. Kit components include: Siemens CNC Display/Control (241.3PPU), Machine Control Panel (483MCP),(2) Siemens Drives & Servo Motors with cable sets, enclosures, pendant arm, control components, (1) power supply, control transformer, output and safety relays, lockable rotary disconnect, resettable breakers for circuit protection, multi-cable thru gland, heavy duty yoke, XY mechanical castings, and handwheels . Servo motors are rated for 6Nm. MTP Starter Prints, PLC Code, and MTP Commissioning Manual also come with this kit.

Our CNC Kits are some of the easiest to install and configure in the industry. Mount the unit, set a few parameters, and you are ready to go. Setup time typically takes 2-3 hours after hardware is mounted on the machine. PLC code is pre-written and will work for most basic milling machine applications. We have also included a specific User POU, where additional PLC code can be written for machine specific applications, like a tool changer. If you are not proficient in ladder, or simply don't have the time to commission the system for your specific application, ask about our Integration Services. We are happy to setup the machine ourselves or recommend one of our trusted Integration Partners.

For more information download the Siemens 828D Knee Mill CNC Kit Brochure.

For more information on the Control Features download the 828D CNC Feature Brochure.



Included in Kit

• Siemens 828 PPU with MCP

• Pre-Built Electric Enclosure

• High-End Pendant Arm with Operator Station

• S120 Drives & 1FK7 Motors on Digital Drive Bus

• (2) 6Nm and Servo Motors

• 5 Meter Power and Feedback Cables

• Heavy Duty Yoke (Reduces Y axis Springy Backlash)

• XY Mechanical Brackets, Ballscrews, Handwheels

• MTP Source Code (tool changer optional)

• 72in/48out IO Board

Feature Overview

• ShopMill Conversational Programming

• Absolute Motor Encoders - NO Homing Required for X/Y Axes

• High-Speed All Digital Control System = better accuracy and surface finish

• Spindle Direction and Start/Stop Control (E-Stop will Halt Spindle)

• DXF Reader (DXF PC Software Available Free As Well)

• 3D Part Simulation

• Network Drive Management

• Dedicated Jog Keys (X, Y, Z)

• 100 IPM Feed Rate

• Wireless Hand Pulse Generator (MPG)

• Software Travel Limits

• DRO Operation with Manual Handwheels

• 3 + 4th Axis Capable (Interpolating)

• Tool Change Hotkey

• Gear Change Monitoring

• G54 – G59 Work Offset Activation Keys

• Feedrate/Spindle Speed Override (spindle speed will only work with VFD equipped machine)

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Number of Axes 2 Interpolating Axes + 1 Spindle
CNC User Memory 3.0 MB
Display Size 10.4"
Data Transfer Ethernet, USB
Number of Digital I/O 72IN/48OUT (expandable)
Feed Motor, Max. Speed 3,000 RPM
Continuous Torque 6Nm, 6Nm (X,Y)
Drive Overload 300%
Absolute Encoder 20 + 12 Bit Multiturn
Interface to Drive Drive Bus
Degree of Protection IP64
System Input Voltage 230V or 460V 3-Phase (60 Hz)

Additional Information

ShopMill Conversational Features

• Drilling, Milling, and Contouring Cycles (Tapping, Engraving, Pocket, etc.)

• Ability to Write and Edit G-Code

• Repeat, Rotate, and Mirror

• Solid Model Graphics (Centered Block, Pipe, Cylinder, N Corner, and Regular Block)

• DXF Import

• Estimated Machining Time

Available Options

• Maxi-Torque Air Powered Drawbar

• Kurt DX6 Vise

• Vise Swivel Base

• Knee Power Feed - Servo 140

• Knee Scale for Coupling Z (Quill) and W (Knee)

• Rotary 4th Axis

• Wireless or Wired Hand Pulse Generator with E-Stop

• Work Light

• Wireless Part Probe

• Spindle VFD Drive (for spindle speed control)

• FREE Offline Software

• Turnkey Installation & Commissioning


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Additional Info

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