JET Elite ETM-949EVS, CNC Knee Mill with Siemens 828D CNC, 9" x 49" Table

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The next generation of JET Mills - JET ELITE, takes the best of the old, and adapts to move forward. Elite represents the most precise, most durable, and safest metalworking machinery. Each machine puts a stake in the ground, signaling a new standard of excellence. The Jet Elite features industry leading spindle taper run out (0.00012") to ensure strict tolerances and hand scraped ways for greater oil retention and smooth movements. 

For more information download the Siemens 828D Knee Mill CNC Kit Brochure.

For more information on the Control Features download the 828D CNC Feature Brochure.

Feature Overview

• ShopMill Conversational Programming

• Absolute Motor Encoders - NO Homing Required for X/Y Axes

• High-Speed All Digital Control System = better accuracy and surface finish

• Spindle Direction and Start/Stop Control (E-Stop will Halt Spindle)

• DXF Reader (DXF PC Software Available Free As Well)

• 3D Part Simulation

• Network Drive Management

• Dedicated Jog Keys (X, Y, Z)

• 100 IPM Feed Rate

• Wireless Hand Pulse Generator (MPG)

• Software Travel Limits

• 2 or 3 Axis CNC Operation

• DRO Operation with Manual Handwheels

• Quill (Z Axis) Motor Disconnect (allows for easy manual quill operation)

• 4th Axis Capable (Interpolating)

• Tool Change Hotkey

• Gear Change Monitoring

• G54 – G59 Work Offset Activation Keys

• Feedrate/Spindle Speed Override

• Maxi-Torque Air Powered Drawbar


ShopMill Conversational Features

• Drilling, Milling, and Contouring Cycles (Tapping, Engraving, Pocket, etc.)

• Ability to Write and Edit G-Code

• Repeat, Rotate, and Mirror

• Solid Model Graphics (Centered Block, Pipe, Cylinder, N Corner, and Regular Block)

• DXF Import

• Estimated Machining Time


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Table Size (L x W) (in.) 9 x 49
Spindle Taper (in. x TPI) R8
CNC Display Size 10.4"
Data Transfer Ethernet, USB
Travels (X, Y, Z) (in.) 12" x 35" x 5" (reduced by CNC)
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM) 60 - 4500 (Electronic Variable)
Work Table Weight Capacity (lbs.) 550lbs
Travel of Knee (in.) 16"
Spindle Motor (HP) 3HP
Travel of Ram (in.) 14"
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (in.) 60" x 65" x 90"
System Input Voltage 230V 3-Phase (60 Hz)
Weight (lbs.) 2500


Available Options

• Kurt DX6 Vise

• Vise Swivel Base

• Knee Power Feed - Servo 140

• Knee Scale for Coupling Z (Quill) and W (Knee)

• Rotary 4th Axis

• Wireless or Wired Hand Pulse Generator with E-Stop

• Work Light

• Wireless Part Probe

• FREE Offline Software


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Additional Info

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Siemens 828D
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